Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy


Elkhorn Soccer Club strives to provide an affordable soccer experience for all participants. We realized the financial commitment is great and we are committed to working with our families to be sure every child can enjoy playing soccer within our club.

To help families budget for their specific soccer program we offer the flexibility of using an installment payment plan for the Select program. By going through the regular registration process, families can set up a payment plan in multiple installments. This can minimize the financial impact of having to pay for a full program upfront.

If the timing and amount of traditional installment plans are not sufficient to meet your family’s needs and you still have the ability to pay the full amount of your annual membership dues, we are happy to work with your family on an alternative payment plan.

While the installment plan helps the majority of our families make the soccer year affordable, some families may still need financial assistance in order for their child(ren) to participate. Elkhorn Soccer Club offers aid to players who demonstrate need. If your family is in need of financial assistance for the upcoming soccer year/season please complete the financial aid form.

Financial Aid Awards

Elkhorn Soccer Club financial aid awards vary according to need. Awards will be granted in increments of 25%, 50%, and 100%. The incremental amount will be based on your family’s individual financial situation. Among the criteria when determining financial awards are: level of financial need, family size, player(s) age, and your player’s/family’s relevant history within Elkhorn Soccer Club.

Please understand that financial aid awards are only given for club/registration fees. They are not granted for team fees. Team fees remain the responsibility of each family. Team fees are the fees that are variable for each team and cover expenses such as tournament registrations, coaching travel expenses, and team social events. Your family should take into account these expenses when determining which ESC program your child is going to play for is right for your child(ren). For our Select teams, the team fees can range from $250-750 per player. For our Hive and ADO programs these fees are $0 to minimal.

Financial Aid Committee

The Elkhorn Soccer Club Finance Committee, consisting of board members, will make all decisions regarding financial aid, including whether a family qualifies for aid and the amount awarded. Financial aid applications will only be reviewed by the Finance Committee. All information will remain confidential.

There are remaining costs to the club for players receiving financial aid, because of this, the total amount awarded by the club for a single soccer year cannot exceed ten full financial aid awards. Should there be a situation where the number of requests exceeds the expenses the club can incur, assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Proof of Need

Families can qualify for financial assistance based on two criteria:  1) free or reduced school lunch; or 2) extenuating financial circumstances. Free or reduced lunch is the first criteria that is reviewed.  If your family does not qualify for assistance based on that criteria, then the extenuating financial circumstance criteria will be considered.  

Children that qualify for free or reduced lunch can be awarded up to 100% of their club costs; families applying for assistance based on extenuating financial circumstances can be awarded 25-50% of club costs.  

If your family qualifies based on free or reduced lunch, documentation of this must be submitted with the application. For those applying based on the second criteria, there is a section on the application that allows for the explaining of your family’s unique, specific circumstances.

Volunteer Commitment

Each family that receives financial aid will be required to complete a minimum of ten hours of volunteer service. The expected number of volunteer hours based on the amount of the award is outlined below.  Volunteers are needed throughout the year for tournaments, field facility maintenance, and other club events. At times, the board, Executive Director, the club administrator, or the directors of coaching may reach out to a financial assistance family regarding volunteer hours. Ultimately, it remains the responsibility of the family to also seek out volunteer hours.

It is also the responsibility of each family to keep a log of the volunteer hours completed. That log should be given to the Executive Director or the board treasurer once the recommended number of hours has been fulfilled.

Financial Assistance Level

# Recommended Volunteer Hours 

25% 10 hours
50% 15 hours
75% 20 hours
100% 20 hours


Financial Aid Application