2020 Tryout Information

Elkhorn Athletic Association/Elkhorn Soccer Club
2020 Select Team Formation

Policies and Procedures 

Early Re-Registration Period for 11U-19U Select Players (June 1-June 30, 2020)

  • Re-registration is only an option for players with 2010-2002 birth years who were registered with an Elkhorn Soccer Club Select team during the 2019-2020 soccer year.  

  • From June 1 through June 30, players with 2010-2002 birth years who were registered with an ESC Select team during the 2019-2020 soccer year may re-register with the same Select team for the 2020-2021 soccer year

  • The re-registration offer will be provided to each player/family via email and on the official Nebraska State Soccer Association form.

  • Those re-registering must submit the required NSSA form to Anne Leboo, Soccer Registrar, by email at anneleboo@elkhornsoccer.org by June 30.  Families must copy their current coach on this email.  

    • Families must also register their player online (registration link will be provided on June 1).

    • Once the player/family accepts the re-registration offer, the player is committed to EAA for the entire 2020-2021 soccer year and may not join another club or participate in team formation events for other clubs.

    • Offers to re-register with the same Select team as last year expire on June 30.

  • All EAA Select coaches will take the first four weeks of the new season (July 6-August 2) to evaluate their players and teams.  

    • If, after the first four weeks of the season, coaches feel players would benefit from moving up or down a team, they must hold a face-to-face meeting with the player and parents and must receive director and parent/player approval before making any roster changes.  

  • Players who were on an ESC Select team in 2019-2020 but would like to move to an ADO/Futures team (recreational) for 2020-2021 may do so by registering online.  They do not have to re-register with a Select team in 2020-2021.

  • Players who do not want to re-register with their Select team and want to tryout with another club may do so during the NSSA team formation window- July 6-11.

    • Players may not register with a new club until the official NSSA offer day on Sunday, July 12

  • All families who registered for tryouts prior to the April 22 will receive a refund.

Select Tryouts- 10U, 11U and ALL players from outside of EAA (July 6-11)

2011 and 2010 birth years (10U and 11U)

  • All 10U and 11U players who do not re-register with the club prior to June 30 or were not on an ESC Select team in 2019-2020 must register to attend tryouts (no tryout fee).

  • We will form one boys and one girls Select team at the 2011 age group. 

  • We will attempt to form two boys and two girls Select teams at the 2010 age group.

2009-2002 birth years (12U-19U)

  • Rather than traditional “tryouts”, we will hold team camps for all 12U-19U Select teams.  Any player from outside EAA/ESC can train with the team(s) in their age group and receive an evaluation.

  • Current ESC Select players do NOT need to register for tryouts

All players trying out for an EAA/ESC team who were registered with other clubs during the 2019-2020 soccer year must register for tryouts ahead of time (no tryout fee).


The coaches assigned to each age group will work together to train and evaluate all of the players who attend tryouts.  The tryout sessions conducted by our staff will be identical to team practices so players can get a real feel for the style of training and coaching that takes place in our club.  

The coaches will evaluate the players using the following criteria:

  1. Skill (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting/finishing and individual defending within game situations)

  2. Tactical (reading the game, teammates, opponents, space; ability to make proper decisions during the run of play; quickly solving problems the game presents)

  3. Psychological (mental toughness, competitiveness, focus, composure, work ethic)

  4. Physical (speed, athleticism, fitness, strength)

The coaches will also make selections based on how they feel players will fit into the team/club culture and each player’s potential to develop under their coaching. 

NOTE: Those who cannot attend tryouts will still need to register for tryouts AND contact the coaches to schedule a separate tryout that may take place anytime after July 12.  All coaches can be reached by email (firstnamelastname@elkhornsoccer.org).  The link to the coaching assignments is above.

Having trouble reaching a coach?  Please contact the age group director.

10U-12U Juniors: michaelbailey@elkhornsoccer.org

13U-15U Intermediates: tedanderson@elkhornsoccer.org

16U-19U Scholars: jonshaad@elkhornsoccer.org


Official NSSA Team Formation Rules

Any tryout questions should be directed toward Emily Michaels at marketing@elkhornsoccer.org